Antrim Castle


The few hours we spent wandering through the grounds of Antrim Castle on Sunday were very peaceful. These 400 year old gardens include ornamental lakes, the yew tree pond and a beautiful walk to the edge of Lough Neagh that crisscrosses Six Mile Water. It is also home to Clotworthy House, the Oriel art gallery and a highly recommended cafe. All in all a great place to relax. If you are in the area go and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed. 

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Portstewart, County Derry

My idea of a perfect day would be a sunrise in the mountains and a sunset at the coast with only the tiny one as company in between and a whiskey laden session for 5 afterwards. There hasn't been many of these lately but we live in hope. What is your idea of the perfect day? 
My feet leaving the ground due to the wind on the way to primary school. Drunk on Sloe Gin and failing to get a taxi. Escaping to the relative safety of the rock pools for a few hours. All these things happened in the area in this photo. Yet, as someone quite helpful pointed out, it is the contrast between the urban, lived in area and the "rugged, untamed nature" that makes the most poignant statement.

Last weekend we weren't intending to be far travelled but cabin fever eventually got to me early on Saturday afternoon. So we headed off for a rather bleak coastal walk from Portstewart to Portrush. It didn't end up all bleak. Shortly after 4pm the sun descended below the clouds and we were treated to a very brief few moments of amazing colour which included rainbows in peachy light behind us and once the sun went below the horizon we watched lightning strikes light up the northern sky. As hours go it was hard to beat..

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Portballintrae, County Antrim

The conditions along the coast on Christmas Eve were just stunning for walking and photography. Occasionally strong winds added a bit of drama to the walk and wonderful clarity made shooting very enjoyable. I could have spent all day in this place quite happily. Bushfoot Strand looking towards Runkerry House on the Antrim Coast.

There is no better way to avoid the commercial free for all that Christmas Eve has become than to go for a walk on the world famous Antrim Coast. So that is what we done. On arriving at the Giant’s Causeway we fought hard to shut the car doors then promptly ran for immediate cover. Once we had warmed to the horizontal rain our route took in Portcoon, Runkerry and a crossing of the River Bush. The weather improved and the light just kept getting better. It was probably at its best at this point. Looking across Bushfoot Strand to Portballintrae and the Skerries beyond.

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Knockavoe Mountain, County Derry

Today's outing was a rather damp and dreary peak bagging recce to Knockavoe Mountain above Strabane. Our short route took us from Artigarvan along Art Road through the townland of Ballee and onto the hill from the north. Our descent to Strabane was via Calherne and Liskinbwee.

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I'm not sure...

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The Antrim Coast Road

Another good spot for lots of alone time. The wonderful Torr Head..

A lovely stretch of the best coastal drive on planet earth.

If you could sit on that rock what would you say to him?

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Downhill to Castlerock in County Derry

Walls can be obstacles and some of us humans have this irritating habit of putting lots of them between us and what we desire the most. How many times have you heard "I could, but" or "I will, when" as an answer to your prod in the right direction? Those that do that need to put a stop it. Me included..

All of our walks in this area finish with a dander on Castlerock Beach. As you can see we are never alone.

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Binevenagh Mountain, County Derry

Twenty minutes earlier we were up there.

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